Ioannis G. Telelis



Book 5

Commentary in Aristotle’s Meteorologica

Βιβλίον πέμπτον, τῶν μετεωρικῶν

 editio princeps

Prolegomena Text Indices



(Corpus Philosophorum Medii Aevi – Commentaria in Aristotelem Byzantina vol . 6)


2012,   X+132*+137 pp., Hardback

ISBN    978-960-404-232-6  Academy of Athens

            978-2-7116-8413-7  Librairie Philosophique J. Vrin, Paris

            978-2-87060-167-9  Éditions Ousia, Bruxelles

ISSN    2241-1933

The critical edition of the fifth book of Georgios Pachymeres’ Philosophia (early 14th c.) is a contribution to the editio princeps of this voluminous work, in which the Byzantine philosopher and polyhistor attempted to epitomize the most important works of the Aristotelian philosophy by paraphrasing and commenting on them. In the Prolegomena of the present edition a wide range of issues related to the edited text is discussed: investigation of the position of Philosophia book 5 in the entity of Pachymeres’ work; presentation of the reception of Aristotelian meteorology into the Byzantine and adjacent medieval cultures (Latin West, Arab and Jewish East); analysis of the structure and content of the work, as well as of the epitomizing technique followed by Georgios Pachymeres; investigation of a number of specific issues related to some particularities of the text (marginal notes and additions, many of which are attributed to the hand of the later Byzantine scholar Matthaeos Kamariotes, 15th c., supplementary figures and diagrams, geometric theorems applied in the “on rainbow” section of the work). The Prolegomena of the volume (p. 1*-132*) is supplemented by analysis of issues related to the direct and indirect tradition of the manuscripts that deliver the text, presentation of lexical and grammatical peculiarities, description of the criteria of the edition and the relevant bibliography. The critical edition of the text (p. 1-75) is accompanied by three apparatus: Apparatus aristotelicus, fontium and criticus. Three indices (Index nominum propriorum, verborum and locorum), and Facsimiles of some original folia complement the volume.


Academy of Athens

Research Centre for Greek and Latin Literature

14 Anagnostopoulou St., 106 73 Athens

Librairie Philosophique J. Vrin, 6 Pl. de la Sorbonne, F - 75005 Paris

Éditions Ousia, 37 rue Bosquet, B - 1060 Bruxelles